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Restaurant FRANQ
by Tim Meuleneire


Executive chef Tim Meuleneire

Only the best is good enough! This is evident from the Michelin star that our restaurant received. French-Belgian cuisine as a basis, supplemented with international accents. Restaurant FRANQ is all about taste and quality, atmosphere and service. Taste is knowledge, Taste is emotion and feeling, Taste is memory. We like to invite you to come and make beautiful memories and enjoy honest and pure dishes at the highest level, with an open character.

On Saturday afternoon we serve small dishes for lunch that have been created by our chef with creativity and beautiful flavors. Casual but top level!

Restaurant FRANQ, Antwerp's finest dishes!

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Opening hours Restaurant FRANQ

From Tuesday until Friday
we serve lunch & diner

we serve diner



FRANQ's bar has a unique collection of wines, delicious cocktails and the most tasty coffee and tea specialties. You can satisfy the small hunger with FRANQ's "Evergreens" and to go with the aperitif we serve a tapas assortment composed daily by the Chef. Personal attention and love for the profession goes without saying here. Your tast buds are stimulated as never before!

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